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Russian layout touch typing course

19 lessons

ЙЦУКЕН is the main Russian layout. And the Russian language is one of the most popular in the world. That's why Captain Ratatype has created the course which improves your typing skills on this layout. Let's get typing, Captain can't wait to train you up!

It is interesting that ЙЦУКЕН was created in the USA because Russia had not established the manufacture of typewriters at that time. Unlike QWERTY, the most demanded letters are arranged under forefingers, so ЙЦУКЕН may be considered more ergonomic.

The Ratatype research showed that training on a typing tutor can increase your typing speed by up to 20%. Touch typing will help you to not be distracted by the keyboard and to not waste time looking for the right key. Your muscle memory will do this for you and Ratatype will help you to train it ;)